Placing an Order

To secure a slot on our production schedule, we require two things: a completed online Production Form and your official Purchase Order. It is only after both of these items have been received, and all technical questions about your order are resolved, that we can confirm your ship date. Our standard production lead time is 8 weeks after the receipt of the purchase order and Production Form. There are some occasions when the delivery time is slightly longer because our schedule is already full and/or we have allocated all of our supplies. This most often occurs when someone places an exceptionally large order.

After initial contact we will tentatively assign a ship date and give a deadline by which we need all information to meet that ship date. If we do not receive the order and Production Form by that date, the production slot may be reassigned to another customer and your ship date will be delayed.

The Online Production Form is part of our website and can be found at This form must be completed accurately—we use it as your work order! We cannot accept responsibility for any incorrect information provided by the customer on the Production Form. The form requires your Argos information (IDs, program name, program number, etc.), which is needed for testing purposes. An online Production Form must be completed for new PTT orders as well as for refurbishment of PTTs. To complete our online Production Form, you will need your billing & shipping addresses, Argos Information (IDs, Username & Password), and duty cycle information.  Should you be missing any item, you will be able to archive your form to be retrieved, completed and submitted later. Only after you have fully completed the form will you be able to submit it to MTI for approval.

It is especially important that all the submitted IDs are active in the Argos system (i.e., not in the back-up mode) and are still in your program. Programming IDs into your PTTs comes early in the production process and problems with IDs may cause us (and you) to lose valuable time. Also, please be certain that each ID number is set up for the proper sensor formatting. 

Your Purchase Order is your commitment to pay for the PTTs. If your organization does not use a Purchase Order system, we will accept an official letter, on your organization's letterhead, stating your intent to buy and pay for the PTTs.

If there is any change in your order or schedule, please let us know as soon as possible. Each PTT is made to the specifications indicated on your Production Form; therefore, it is imperative that we be notified of any changes as early as possible. Changes requested after production has begun may result in delivery delays.

Choosing a PTT
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Storing PTTs
Sending PTTs Back
Downloading the GPS Parsing Software  
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