PTT-100 High Rate Archival Pop-up Tag

Biologists were thrilled to at last have a means to track fish and collect data from which they can infer behavior, without having to recapture the fish. However, for survival studies, data sampled at a higher rate was required. To address this need, in 2000 we offered our High Rate version of the Archival Pop-up Tag. The High Rate Archival Pop-up Tag records temperatures, depths and light levels at a high sample rate (readings every one to six minutes) for up to thirty days. Like the standard Archival Pop-up Tag, the High Rate tag is rated to 3000 psi (approximately 2100 m depth).


Once the tag has finished transmitting through the Argos system, data are parsed at our facility and a report is created. We send the report directly to the researcher via email. Turn-around times for reports can vary based on the number of datasets in queue for processing. Generally, data reports are sent within two weeks after the tag has completed its transmission. The reports contain time-series depth, time-series temperature, and daily geolocation estimates (geolocation excluded in high-rate programmed tags). The following link shows an example of some of the data provided in the report.

Example Data

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Photo by Noel Hitchins

Standard Archival Pop-up


High Rate X-Tag