PTT-100 5 gram Solar PTT

The 9.5g solar PTT was warmly welcomed by biologists interested in tracking birds such as Hen Harriers and Whimbrel, but biologists studying shorebirds implored us to find a way to reduce the weight of the PTT so that they too could have a means of tracking these birds' long-range movements. The task was daunting. To reduce a tiny PTT by even a gram or two is a challenge. However, to create a PTT small enough to track birds in the 150 to 250 gram range would require nearly halving the weight of the smallest PTT we had built thus far. We needed to further explore the latest developments in solar cells and microelectronics.

It took a year to prepare the first 5g solar PTT prototype, which was tested on Red Knots in Florida in January 2007. Since then this truly tiny PTT has also been used to track a Marbled Murrelet, Kittlitz Murrelets, Amur Falcons and Hobbies. The Amur Falcons have been tracked on their migration from South Africa to Northeast China and back again.

To take the 5g solar PTT from prototype to general production required a tremendous investment of time and resources. New machinery was required to handle the smaller electronic components used in this PTT. We actually had to expand our facility to accommodate the new machinery. We are offering the 5g solar PTT on a limited production run basis.


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Photo by Bernd-U Meyburg

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