PTT-100 35 gram Solar PTT

By 1996, the advances in microelectronics that allowed us to develop smaller battery powered PTTs also allowed us to create a 35g solar powered PTT.  By taking advantage of the unlimited supply of solar energy to charge the internal batteries, we were able to give biologists a lightweight PTT capable of giving daily locations appropriate for multi-year studies. Our longest running PTT thus far is a 35g solar PTT that has provided data for more than 9 years!

The charging of the PTT is microprocessor controlled. The solar duty cycle timer regulates the battery charge control and commands the PTT to transmit during the ON time of its duty cycle, depending on the state of the charge of the battery. Four hours of outdoor exposure to direct sunlight is enough to power the PTT for 24 hours. The 35g solar PTT, like the Lithium battery powered PTTs, transmits data from temperature, battery voltage and activity sensors. It has been used to track Osprey, White Stork, Glaucous Gulls and Albatross.


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Photo by Adrian Aebischer

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