PTT-100 18 gram - Solar PTT

In spring of 2001, we introduced our 18g solar PTT. At nearly half the weight of the 35g model, this solar PTT allowed for long-term tracking of many more bird species.

The 18g solar PTT retained all the features of our larger solar PTTs. It is equipped with temperature, battery voltage, activity sensors, a solar rechargeable battery, and a microprocessor controlled duty cycle timer that regulates battery charge control and commands the PTT to transmit during the ON time of its duty cycle, depending on the state of the charge of the battery. Four hours of outdoor exposure to direct sunlight is enough to power the PTT for 24 hours.

This PTT has the potential to run for up to three years and has been used to track various species including Little Bustard, Purple Heron, Long-billed Curlew, Mallard and Albatross.


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Photo by Declan Troy

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