PTT-100 12 gram Solar PTT

The 18g solar PTT was welcomed by biologists and used extensively, but appeals for smaller PTTs continued. Advances in solar cell technology and power management made it possible for us to introduce our 12g solar PTT in December of 2004. Though tiny, this PTT retains all the features of the 18g, 35g, and 50g models. It is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery that is charged by the solar array under the control of the internal microprocessor, thus allowing it to transmit during the night, not just when it is exposed to light.

Since its introduction, the 12g solar PTT has been used to track Hawaiian Petrel, Teal, Montagu's Harriers, and Pinkfooted Shearwaters.


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Photo by K. Spragens, USGS

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