Solar PTTs

Almost as soon as we introduced our first PTT, we began to get requests for smaller devices and longer operational lifetimes. To satisfy these requests, we made use of the abundance of solar energy, allowing us to offer you this line of long lived yet lightweight PTTs.

The addition of a high efficiency solar array to our well-proven PTT frees the transmitter from the lifetime limitations imposed by a primary lithium battery. As a result, these PTTs have the potential to run for years, convenient for multiyear studies. Though suitable for most applications, we do not recommend solar powered PTTs for use on species that preen feathers over the backpack, nor in habitats where there is limited sunlight.

All our solar powered PTTs are equipped with an internal rechargeable battery that is charged by the solar array under the control of the internal microprocessor. All have sufficient battery capacity that when fully charged allows them to transmit during the night.

Photos by Bernd-U Meyburg, Les Steele, Patrik Olofsson

5 gram PTT-100

9.5 gram PTT-100

12 gram PTT-100

18 gram PTT-100

35 gram PTT-100

50 gram PTT-100