PTT-100 30 gram Solar Argos/GPS PTT

By spring of 2005, thanks to advances in both battery technology and power management of the GPS receiver, we were able to introduce our next generation of GPS PTT, the 30g solar Argos/GPS PTT. This PTT retained all the features of the larger GPS PTTs: 3D GPS locations, SiV™ technology to efficiently time transmission of data to satellites overhead, flexible duty cycle programming allowing up to five duty cycle seasons, repeating annually now in an even smaller lightweight package. Finally, biologists had the means to track birds in the 1kg range with GPS accuracy. As is true of all our solar PTTs, this PTT is microprocessor controlled and contains a battery. This makes data collection and transmission of data at night possible (in contrast to less sophisticated PTTs, which transmit only during daytime when the solar cells are exposed to light.)

The 30g GPS PTT has been used successfully to track Osprey, Lesser Spotted Eagles, Ferruginous Hawks, Peregrine Falcons, Houbara Bustard and Sage Grouse. This unit is also available with our Ground Track (GT™) option. Our GPS data parsing software makes it simple to extract and sort GPS data from the raw Argos "DS" files.


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Photo by Paul Howey

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