PTT-100 38-44 gram Implantable PTT

In the early 1990s, we were approached by researchers in Alaska to develop an implantable PTT to track aquatic diving ducks, as these birds do not readily tolerate harness attached backpack transmitters. This request  presented special challenges. The unit needed to be optimized for operation at body temperature, which required special batteries, and electronics hermetically sealed in a separate housing. The PTT then needed to be "potted" with the batteries. For species that dive, the housing can be filled to be pressure resistant. This however adds several grams to the overall weight. These units were first deployed by Dr. Margaret Petersen of the Alaska Science Center in 1993 to track the migration and find the wintering location of the Spectacled Eider.

Since then these units have been used to track Long-tailed Duck, Scaup, Surf Scoter, Canvasback, Black Duck, and Harlequin Duck. Like our backpack Argos PTTs, the implantable PTT is equipped with temperature, battery voltage and activity sensors. It can be programmed for up to 5 duty cycle seasons.

When equipped with mortality mode Ground Track™ the implantable PTT will send out UHF beacon transmissions and switch to continuous Argos transmission if the PTT's temperature drops below body temperature.


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Photo by Jennifer Steffen

PTT-100 Implantable Version

26 gram PTT-100