PTT-100 26 gram Implantable PTT

Feedback from biologists who attended our Implant Conference in 2001 made it clear what our next goal should be: a lighter and smaller implant. Further miniaturization of the electronics and improvements in power supply management allowed us to introduce our smaller implantable PTT in 2005. Our 26g implantable PTT retains all the features of the 38g implantable PTT (temperature, battery voltage and activity sensors) but has a smaller battery.

When equipped with mortality mode Ground Track™ the implantable PTT will send out UHF beacon transmissions and switch to continuous Argos transmission if the PTT's temperature drops below body temperature.

Like the larger implantable PTT, the 26g implantable PTT can be made pressure resistant for use in diving ducks. Any measures taken to increase pressure resistance will increase the weight of the PTT.

The 26g implantable PTT has been used to track Bar-tailed Godwits, Harlequins, Goldeneyes and Long-tailed Duck.


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Photo by Dr. Matt Perry, USGS

PTT-100 Implantable Version

38 gram PTT-100