PTT-100 Implantable Version

For species of birds that do not tolerate a backpack PTT, particularly aquatic diving birds, we offer an implantable PTT, available in two sizes. 

We developed this version of our PTT in the early 1990s. The first of these were used to track the migration of the spectacled eider, and locate their previously unknown wintering location. Since then, our implantable PTTs have been used on various other species including loons and scoters. Our smaller implantable PTT allows the tracking of even smaller species such as Long-tailed ducks, whistling ducks and pochards.

The implantable PTT is optimized for operation at body temperature, and hermetically sealed in biologically inert material. It can be pressure proofed for deep diving species.

Photos by Anders Mosbech, Dan Ruthrauff/USGS, Rob Schuckard/USGS

26 gram PTT-100

38 gram PTT-100