Ground Track (GT™) — additional information 

GT™ integrates a UHF pulsed tracking transmitter, that sounds like the VHF units to which you are accustomed, into the PTT. The GT™ transmitter shares the PTT’s antenna and battery, and has some unique features. GT™ has its own programmable duty cycle and the option to be initiated in a mortality mode when activity ceases. It also transmits at two power levels making it easy to find when you are in close proximity. If you are within a few miles of the unit, you can quickly find it with a simple receiver and small directional Yagi antenna. An appropriate receiver when set to the CW (Carrier Wave) mode can easily detect the high power GT™ pulses from the PTT several miles away over average terrain using a 4-element Yagi antenna. The same receiver can be used to monitor the Argos transmissions. We can supply both a receiver and a suitable UHF Yagi antenna.


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