PTT-100 95 gram

This is the PTT that began it all in 1991. It was a 95g PTT that Paul used to prove the Argos system could be used to track migrating birds by satellite with low power transmitters. Weighing less than 100g, we named our platform the PTT-100.

Since then we have introduced ever smaller PTTs, more sophisticated solar powered and GPS enhanced devices, but there is still a place for this basic, reliable, robust workhorse of a PTT. The 95g PTT has a battery life of 2000 hours, but sufficient room for additional batteries that can increase the operational life to up to 4000 hours. It is programmable for up to five duty cycle seasons; duty cycle programming can spread its operational lifetime over as much as 5 years. This PTT is equipped with sensors for monitoring temperature, battery voltage and activity. It has been used for years on birds in the 2kg and larger range. It is particularly suitable for the study of large raptors such as Bald and Golden Eagles.


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Photo by Angel Muela

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