PTT-100 45 gram

With the advent of hybrid circuit technology it became possible to shrink the 95g PTT. The 45g model retains all the features of the original PTT: temperature, battery voltage, and activity sensors, multiseason duty cycle capability, in a package small enough to be used to track birds down to 1500g in weight. This PTT has an operational life of 1000 hours which can be spread over up to two years. It is housed in a study case with a rugged antenna. This PTT has been used over the years to track storks and smaller raptors such as Bonelli's Eagles.

We further reduced the size of the battery powered PTT to 30g and 20g models; however in recent years demand has shifted to our 18g solar PTT and 22g and 30g solar Argos/GPS PTTs. As a result we have discontinued the 20g and 30g battery powered PTTs to devote our time and resources to the solar powered and GPS enhanced models.


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Photo by Frantisek Pojer

Battery Powered PTTs

95 gram PTT-100