Battery Powered PTTs

We offer several models of Argos compatible PTTs powered by primary lithium batteries. These units all share the same well-proven electronics, and are packaged in sturdy yet lightweight housings. Standard configurations are for backpack mounting on birds. Our PTTs can be equipped with a duty cycle timer to allow the battery life to be budgeted over the study period, extending the usable life of the transmitter.

Since the introduction of our first battery powered PTT, the 95g PTT-100, in 1991 we had developed progressively smaller battery powered Doppler PTTs ultimately ranging in weight from 95g to 20g. Advances in solar power technology and the addition of GPS capability increased demand for PTTs with those features, while demand for the original battery powered Doppler PTTs declined. As a result, we have discontinued some of our battery powered PTT models.  However, as situations still exist where a battery powered PTT is the best choice for a project, we have retained several models of battery powered PTTs in our product line.

Both our Doppler and GPS enhanced PTTs are available in battery powered versions. Battery powered Doppler PTTs are also available in two implantable models.

Photos by Tony Chubbs, Aleks Terauds, Jeff Keitzman

45 gram PTT-100

95 gram PTT-100