PTT-100 105 gram LC4™ - Battery Powered Argos/GPS PTT

The battery powered 105g LC4™ Argos/GPS PTT is offered as an alternative to our popular range of solar powered Argos/GPS PTTs. It is suitable for use on large birds, >3kg, such as those living in densely wooded areas where solar power is less than optimal.

The 105g LC4™ is housed in an especially rugged case and has a lifetime of up to three years.

It is also possible to program the LC4™ with the 2D firmware developed for our 22g solar Argos/GPS PTT. This would allow more flexibility in duty cycle programming, allowing collection of multiple GPS fixes per day. The 105g PTT has sufficient battery power to operate for three years on the standard duty cycle of one GPS fix per day, transmitted to Argos every ten days. If programmed with a more intense duty cycle, the operational lifetime will be shorter. 


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Photo by Mike McGrady    

Battery Powered Argos/GPS LC4™ PTT