Battery Powered Argos/GPS LC4™ PTT-100s

The introduction of our GPS enhanced PTTs in 2001 was met with great enthusiasm. At last biologists had the means to collect fine scale location data from birds in remote locations. As useful as the solar powered Argos/GPS PTTs were, they were not suitable for all species of birds. Birds, such as cranes, that preen feathers over the PTTs, and birds living in areas without abundant sunshine cannot rely on solar power.

In response to repeated requests for a battery powered GPS PTT, in spring 2005 we introduced the 105g LC4™. The LC4™ takes a single GPS fix daily, for instance at noon. It stores the precise latitude and longitude, which is accurate to better than 30m, hence "location class 4", LC4™.

Photos by Christina Cornett, Al Dawes, Ewan Weston

105 gram LC4™ PTT-100