Physical Specifications:


70 gram solar model: L 3.82" (97) x W 1.51" (38.4) x H 1.0" (25.4) (mm)
50 gram solar patagial model: L 2.32" (58.9) x W 2.15" (54.6) x H 0.77" (19.6) (mm)
45 gram solar model: L 3.30" (83.8) x W 1.15" (29.2) x H 0.80" (20.3) (mm)
30 gram solar model: L 2.60" (66) x W 0.91" (23.1) x H 0.87" (22.1) (mm)
25 gram solar model: L 2.54" (64.5) x W 0.91" (23.1) x H 0.67" (17.0) (mm)

Antenna and mounting tubes/loops not included in these dimensions

Antenna: Hard nylon coated flexible stranded marine grade stainless steel, 3.35" long, protruding from the back edge of the transmitter 45 degrees to the bottom face (except 25 gram and 50 gram Patagial units)


The housing is constructed from an epoxy glass reinforced lightweight composite material, plated on the inside with a contiguous metal coating. The final seal is a metal to metal solder. The unit is therefore hermetically sealed and remains so during changes in temperature and humidity.


The GSM20-70 comes complete with sensors to measure temperature, its own battery voltage and animal activity, as well as a GPS receiver that calculates position, altitude, speed and heading.

General Electrical Specifications:

Maximum power output: 2W
Quad band at 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Operating Temperature range: -15 to 45 Deg C

Certified by:
Industry Canada


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