In order to meet the high demand for new Transmitters during the months of March through July, we are scheduling refurbishment of units during the months of August through February only.

Refurbishment of GSM Transmitters

Refurbishment of GSM Transmitters is an ongoing part of our service to our customers. It is offered as a courtesy to our customers and in no way reflects the actual cost of the labor involved.

Refurbish/Rebuild Price List

Solar Powered GSM Transmitters

Battery Change & New Pad


New Housing


Programming Change


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Microwave Telemetry, Inc. (MTI) does not provide any warranties, expressed or implied, for refurbished GSM/GPS Transmitters.

Argos Satellite Transmitters

Solar PTTs

Solar Argos/GPS PTTs

Battery Powered Argos/GPS PTTs

Battery Powered PTTs

Implantable PTTs

GSM Transmitters

GSM/GPS Transmitters