PTT-100 50 gram Solar Patagial Argos/GPS

Shortly after the release of the 45g Solar Argos/GPS PTT in 2003, we were approached by the Peregrine Fund with a special request: Could we modify the 45g Solar Argos/GPS PTT for patagial attachment to a Condor? The Peregrine Fund was interested in monitoring reintroduced California Condors and did not want to tag them with backpack PTTs. We had already modified our 35g Solar PTT for Condors so it did not take us long to make the necessary adjustments to the housing to allow for the GPS PTT's attachment to the Condor's wing. The resulting 50g Solar Argos/GPS PTT allows biologists to follow this vulnerable species and identify its location so accurately that they can find carcasses on which the birds have been feeding. Today virtually every reintroduced California Condor is tracked with a GPS PTT on one wing and a VHF transmitter on the other!

The 50g Solar Argos/GPS patagial PTT retains all the features of the 45g Solar Argos/GPS PTT: SiV™ technology, microprocessor control of battery charging to allow for data collection and transmission at night, and multi-season duty cycle programming.


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Photo by Joe Burnett, Ventana Wildlife Society

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