Limited Warranty

Microwave Telemetry, Inc. (MTI) warrants all units sold to be fully functional upon arrival at the address designated by purchaser. Units include a one-year (from date of product receipt) warranty against electronic failure (excludes 5g Solar PTT, Implantable PTT models, potted avian PTT models, and Pop-up Tags). All units must be tested by purchaser within two weeks of receipt and test data must be sent to Units tested within this two-week period, and which MTI deems nonfunctional at time of testing, will be replaced or repaired at MTI’s discretion, at no cost to purchaser. The failure of purchaser to test units within two weeks of receipt voids this limited warranty. MTI’s liability for nonfunctional units is limited solely to repair or replacement under this limited warranty. MTI assumes no liability for direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages incurred by the purchaser, or any third party, as a result of the subsequent failure of any unit. No other warranties express or implied, are provided by MTI. By accepting delivery of an order, the purchaser agrees to this limited warranty as their sole remedy.

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